A More Perfect Union

{March 20, 2009}   So apparantly I’m a domestic terrorist now…

Who knew? And chances are, the majority of you are, too, even if you aren’t Ron Paul supporters.

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BB-Idaho says:

Dunno, depends on a couple of things: if one believes Glenn Beck, and
whether your group is armed to the teeth. Like the Aryan Nations up this way…they flew a Gadsden Flag. Hence the comparison of well-meaning libertarians with nutty thugs….unfortunately!


After all, there was one death caused by militia members in the past year, granted it occurred in Michigan. So of course Missouri is worried about the big threat of Ron Paul/Chuck Baldwin/Bob Barr supporters. After all, if they support liberty, then who knows what could happen. The government might even get downsized and that would be tragic. *cue sarcasm*

Gayle says:

Mary Ann, I believe Glenn Beck because I’ve done the research and I think this is despicable, even though I didn’t support Ron Paul! I wonder why everyone is on the potential terrorist list except real terrorists! The Dept. of Homeland Security is calling our returning veterans “potential terrorists”, and Congress voted in a judiciary hearing to protect pedophiles but not veterans! “Alternative media” (meaning any media not run by Obama worshippers) is also on the list. GADS!

Gayle says:

I just came over to see if you had posted anything new, Mary Ann. I imagine you’ll be posting more frequently once College let’s out for summer vacation. At least I hope so. You’ve been missed! 🙂

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